Alkaline Supplements Review

by admin on January 30, 2012

Alkaline supplements are a very common way for people to improve their alkaline lifestyle. As you know, if you have tried to follow the acid alkaline diet for any number of weeks or months, it can be relatively difficult to sustain a alkaline lifetsyle without taking any supplements.

Having tried a number of different supplements, especially green powders, here are some of my reviews:

Green Vibrance Alkaline Supplements

Green Vibrance has a very high density of nutrients and all ingredients are organic and certified. As most alkaline supplements, it claims that taking the supplements results in more energy, a better immune system, better digestion and circulation. Initially I was suspicious, as the reviews on Amazon were so positive they seemed over-the top. However, I have now been taking green vibrance for over 3 months (I drink it dissolved in water in the morning) and I can say that it is simply the best green powder supplement I have taken and the only one I have been able to stick with for a longer period of time.

I have not been able to find Green Vibrance powder in the shop in Australia, but ordering it from Amazon is easy and comes in around $50 for a family size box. Just note, that there are some people who are unhappy with the nutritional labels on the packaging, but I have found that what I bought online, and what I got in the box were identical.

Spirulina Powder

I repeatedly tried taking different Spirulina brands as a supplement, in both powder and tablet form. I did not feel a big difference although I was taking the powder for over 2 months. In the end, I wanted to find a supplement that had more diversity and also included other ingredients, such as barley powder and alfalfa grass powder.

Garden of Life “Perfect Food”

I have not tried the Garden Of Life “Perfect Food” supplement, but I can say that it seems very expensive in comparison to other products that are available. I have also read some very negative reviews about the company that developed this product, so I decided to stay clear of it.

IMG 0359 225x300 Alkaline Supplements Review

Alkaline Supplements Green Powder Diluted In Water

In summary, the right alkaline supplements definitely help you to increase your body’s alkalinity and thereby your energy and your general wellbeing. However, be aware that any alkaline supplements in powder form, will have an unusual taste which you’ll need to get used to.

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