Alkaline Drinks: Let’s Keep the Balance

by admin on March 30, 2011

Alkaline drinks1 185x300 Alkaline Drinks: Let’s Keep the Balance Our bodies are made of 70 percent of water. We know we should keep well hydrated, but which drinks will help us to keep our alkaline balance?

Sure, we can look at what we eat everyday, but we also affect our bodies with what we drink and what we breathe and come in contact with.
So, which drinks are beneficial to maintain our alkaline lifestyle?

  • filtered water
  • water with lemon or lime
  • alkaline juices
  • herbal teas

Water is simply the best drink to support your alkaline diet! However, you should make sure the water you drink is filtered to avoid consuming heavy metals and other toxins that might have entered tap water. For environmental reasons, it is also recommended that you avoid buying more and more plastic bottles, so the easiest way is to actually buy a water filter.

Why would you add lemon or lime to your water? These are actually alkalizing foods and they will create a slight alkaline balance in the drink. On top of that they add some flavour! You could also add some fresh herbs such as mint to add some variety to your water.

herbal tea 150x150 Alkaline Drinks: Let’s Keep the Balance Drinking herbal teas is basically just a variety of drinking water – but it’s hot and flavoured! You should make sure your teas are organically grown and free of caffeine. If you do prefer to drink teas that include caffeine (such as green or white tea), you should limit them to mornings only. Otherwise the caffeine may affect your sleeping patterns. Remember that all sweeteners are acidic, so you should not add sugar, honey or artificial sweetener to your tea.

Alkaline drinks are commonly low in calories, except for juices. Although most alkaline juices will be based on fresh vegetable and fruit juice, with an emphasis on vegetable juice. Therefore alkaline juices will generally be lower in calories than common freshly squeezed fruit juices or varieties bought from the super market. Some great alkaline vegetables to juice include celery, carrots and cucumber.

Why do we need alkaline drinks?

As you well know, we need to keep our bodies hydrated to keep the functioning well. Anything, from our brains, to our blood to our bowels functions better when we our bodies are hydrated.

Choosing alkaline drinks simply helps us to maintain our acid alkaline balance. Of course if you’d think about it the other way around and we chose acidic drinks such as soft drinks, black tea or coffee, milkshakes, etc we would simply destroy all the hard work of eating alkaline foods.

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