Alkaline Cookbook Review

by admin on November 14, 2010

Alkaline Cookbook Review 225x300 Alkaline Cookbook ReviewThe Alkaline Cookbook by Dr Annie Guillet is a hardcopy alkaline cookbook. It claims to revitalise your body within 4 weeks to 100% optimal health.

The Alkaline Cookbook includes a vast number of recipes, as well as a general introduction to the alkaline lifestyle, a weekly meal planner for a total of 4 weeks and an acid alkaline food chart.

Pros of the Alkaline Cookbook

The variety of the recipes included in the alkaline cookbook is an absolute advantage. From juices and smoothies, to breakfast, salads, soups, mains and desserts, everything is there. There are also beautiful pictures of the food included which make you want to start preparing food immediately!

Alkaline Cook Book Recipes 300x225 Alkaline Cookbook ReviewThe easy introduction to the alkaline diet is another great aspect of this cookbook. It gives you a brief overview of the theory of the alkaline diet, as well as advice on the basics you should have in your kitchen. The food chart is very helpful too!

As this is a hardcopy book, the delivery is via mail and the payment and delivery process was easy and quick.

Cons of the Alkaline Cookbook

Some of the recipes are quite complicated and it would have been useful to have an indication of how long each of the meals takes to prepare. Some of the recipes, like making nut milk and nut spread, are time consuming and only really suitable for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen (or want to).

Similarly, the weekly meal planner is only suitable for those who are willing to invest a lot of time in preparing their meals. It would have been useful to have quick options (which are marked as such) for those days when we are just busy with other things.

At AUD$59.95 the hard copy of this book is quite expensive in comparison to other alkaline cookbooks that are also available in electronic form.
I first bought this cookbook in October 2010, and unlike other online offers, I have not received any additional updates, such as new recipes or products.

Discount for Alkaline Cookbook?

The pdf version of the Akaline cookbook is now available for only AUD$27 here.

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