Celebrities Who Lead an Alkaline Balance Diet

by admin on January 27, 2011

The alkaline lifestyle, also often called the alkaline balance diet, is not just for alternative people or hippies. There are plenty of celebrities who are committed to an alkaline lifestyle and an alkaline diet because they know it improves their wellbeing and contributes to their business performance. It’s simple really, the alkaline diet will make you feel more energised, think more clearly and it has even been reported to contribute to spiritual growth.

Here are just some of the celebrities who advocate an alkalizing your body:

Tony and Sage Robbins

Tony Robbins and his wife sage are huge advocates of the alkaline diet. In fact, Tony teaches about the alkaline lifestyle at his introductory seminar “Unleash the Power Within” and at his health seminar “Lifestyle Mastery” which is taught in Fiji. Tony has also created a range of alkaline supplements which he takes himself. They are also available to the public.

170px Kirsten Dunst Cannes Celebrities Who Lead an Alkaline Balance Diet

Kirsten Dunst reportedly follows an alkaline balance diet

Kirsten Dunst

The famous actress and star of the spiderman trilogy reportedly follows a very alkaline lifestyle. She consumes 70% alkaline foods and only 30% acidic foods. According to media reports she loves that the diet allows her to stay slim and makes her complexion radiate.

Robert and Sally Young

Robert Young is the author of the book “PH Miracle” book series which advocates the alkaline lifestyle. Together with his wife Sally, who is a chef, he farms alkaline fruits and vegetables, holds health retreats.
What’s most important about the alkaline lifestyle and the acid alkaline diet, is not which celebrities follow this regime, but whether it is right for your body.

RobertOYoung Celebrities Who Lead an Alkaline Balance Diet

Robert Young has written several books about the alkaline diet

The best way to find out whether your body would function on an improved level if you alkalised your body is to do an alkaline detox.

The minimum detox to show you an improvement in energy levels is a 10 day alkaline detox, where you consume mainly alkaline foods and also take some alkaline supplements. You will get even better results if you stay on the detox for longer.

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